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Awesome Homemade Realistic Swedish Fish Costume

This year we got the idea to make a homemade Swedish Fish costume complete in the bag because we had never seen anything like it before.  Plus, who doesn’t love this delicious candy?

Making the Swedish Fish Costume

The interior body of the fish started out with a red sweatsuit and red gloves.  I sewed on red scales made of felt on the torso and red felt fins on the legs.  The headpiece was carved out of foam in the shape of a fish head and decorated with more red felt.

Felt is easy to work with since you don’t have to worry about the edges.  For the Swedish Fish bag, I used 4 mil heavy duty clear plastic sheeting (3 ft x 50 ft) from the home improvement store.  I cut two sheets to fit his body.  Then I used red, blue and black Sharpie markers to draw on the Swedish Fish logo and design.  It was fun to include little details like, “A Fat Free Food” and “Net Wt. 14 OZ”.

The hardest part was drawing all of the red scales on the sheets which took forever!  I added the nutrition facts, ingredients and even his own bar code to the back of his costume.  After the exterior of the bag was designed, I painted the inside of the bag with yellow paint.  The bag panels were attached to his body and to each other using velcro for easy removal.  We thought about using red paint on his face, but he didn’t want to go that far!  Creating the entire costume took much longer than I expected (and included a week with little sleep!), but we were so happy about how it turned out.

Swedish Fish Costume Reactions

Everyone loved his Swedish Fish costume!  He won a number of local Halloween contests, sometimes in funniest costume and sometimes in most original.  And yes, he did also pass out some mini bags of Swedish Fish at Halloween events!  Who wouldn’t smile when they see a large Swedish Fish?  Overall, it was a FIN-TASTIC Halloween!

swedish fish costume

swedish fish costume

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