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Super-Fun Homemade Movie Costume: Hit Girl from the movie Kicka$$

I adored the little girl in the movie Kicka$$ and wanted to replicate that costume. I also tend to pick more cute and girlie costumes for Halloween so I was excited to be a tough chick with a knife. I am pretty sure that a year later they started selling this costume in a box, but I think that one isn’t as cute as what you can pull together on your own. Here’s what I did to achieve this bada$$ look:

From the costume shop:

  • Purple wig (cut to short bob)
  • Plain black mask
  • Fake knives (one big one to hold and one smaller one to wear)
  • black gloves (I believe they were with a boy’s superhero costume)
  • Vampire cape (I took the red lining out using a seam ripper
  • yellow plastic batman utility belt (I spray painted it pink and used electrical tape to spell out the letters HG once it was dry)

Thrift Shop/Borrowed:

  • Black leather jacket I purchased months prior because it was cute
  • Children’s school uniform plaid skirt
  • Doc martins (but any black boots work!)

Other items:

  • I had a pair of suspenders already so to achieve the utility jacket look I wrapped the suspenders with black electrical tape and wore over my jacket. I also used electrical tape to attach the knives to the suspenders
  • I didn’t want to wear/or find purple leather pants so I opted for some shimmery leggings. They sell these at American Apparel or online (auction site you may know)

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