Super Easy Super Mario Child Costumes

My son was having a Super Mario birthday party and we thought it would be fun if all the kids could dress as Mario. Since we had several kids at the party and I was going to let the kids keep them as favors, I had to make it easy and cheap.

I found some blue smocks with red edging at Michael’s craft store for only $1 over in the section where you would find items that can be personalized (mugs, hats, tshirts, tote bags etc). In that same section I found red foam visors for only $1. I picked up a few large sheets of thin craft foam in red, white and yellow. I cut out yellow ‘buttons’ to attach to the apron and cut out white circles with red M’s to attach to the visor (with a hot glue gun). Viola! 10 costumes/favors for 10 kids for only $20! They were super, super easy and were a huge hit!!