Strawberry Costume

My daughter declared that she wanted to be a Strawberry for Halloween when she was 4, but I could not find a pattern anywhere! To improvise the Strawberry costume I found a bright red quilting fabric and a similarly colored soft flannel to line the itchy quilting fabric.

I laid out 4 pieces of the quilting fabric so that they tapered toward the bottom (in the strawberry shape) and just added elastic to the top and bottom. I sewed the dark green felt leaves directly into the neck of the costume, and made the stem had out of the same felt.

The hat attached to her head via a hair-holder in a pony tail!

The finishing touch was about 200+ little rhinestones that I hot glued all over the costume as the seeds! Very adorable, so many compliments.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Costume”

  1. when I was thinking about costumes for Halloween I wanted to be a strawberry!! then I went on the computer and I clicked on the lick to this website. There was a fruit category and then there it was, a cute little girl dressed up in a strawberry costume!!
    I absolutely love this costume!!
    I think I’m gonna be a strawberry!

  2. So adorable. My 3 year old just told me she wants to be a strawberry for halloween. I do not have the talent to make this fabulous costume….so cute


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