We needed costumes for a party thrown by my husband’s coworker.  I enjoy science fiction and have been wanting to do steam punk outfits for a while.  We had to keep the cost down so here is what we came up with.  I found a masquerade mask online that my husband liked and then borrowed some elements from it and made my own.  The cost out of pocket was about $5 since I had much of what I needed already.

Hubby already had a tux shirt, fancy vest, and  dress pants. I had the needed craft foam, Modge Podge, paint, and hot glue.  So all  I had to buy  was black poster board, twine, and a fancy scarf for a tie.  We borrowed the cane from a friend who makes them to sell.  I took my time over a couple weeks to do the paper mache mask and the poster board hat.  There are multiple coats of acrylic paint and Modge Podge to get the desired colors and shine.

So all in all the costume was a success and was much admired at the party.  Most people were surprised that the hat and mask could be separated  (there is a hole in the hat brim).  We had a good time and I had a chance to make something creative- it was fun!