Pumpkin Queen is an original costume design created for Halloween. She is a villainess who will do ANYTHING (even kill) to stop premature Christmas decorating. I have been planning this costume for over a year.

The costume and jewelry are steampunk inspired and completely handmade and designed by myself. I began this Steampunk inspired Pumpkin Queen costume about 9 days before Halloween and it took about 50 hours.

The bodice has 22 feet of stainless steel boning and I spent 3 hours making sure that the bodice’s fabric pattern was as continuous as possible. I used black velvet and damask fabric for the bodice and skirt. A black Swarovski crystal is the center piece for the bodice. The black finger-less gloves are made from black stretch velvet and stretch lace. The wire-wrap elf ears are made from wire and watch parts.

The corset’s pattern is a modified version of a Butterick pattern. I chose to add lace and double the amount of boning for a cleaner look and double the support. The skirt is my own custom pattern that has 6 layers of fabric. Lining, two layers of tulle, a velvet/damask long layer, and two short layers that make the skirt poof out at the top. I used black bias tape to border the entire bodice and the top two layers of the skirt. It helps make the costume pop and make the different layers stand out better. There are brass grommets for the back of the bodice and it laces up.

I have been gathering materials over the course of a year and they’ve cost me about $100.

I wore this Steampunk inspired Pumpkin Queen costume to Comikaze at the Los Angeles convention center and everyone loved it. A lot of people recognized me from my online steampunk persona and took selfies with me. Most people that saw me did not realize that I made the costume because of how much detail went into it in a little over a week.