The Steampunk Bird Woman, Miss Ava Fortune, was crafted from re-purposed cast-off materials.

Miss Ava Fortune was a former high wire artist who sought the help of a disreputable doctor to employ the use of genetics to imbue her with bird-like traits that would enhance her performances. Alas, the experimental treatments only left her disfigured and deformed, and a bit demented (hence, the muzzle on her beak. She bites.)

The dress is assembled from half of a thrift store prom gown, upholstery remnants using safety pins and fabric glue.  Patterned tights became sleeves and a child’s dress turned upside down and tied with its own sash became the bustle. The mask, gauntlet and hand piece are crafted from wet molded leather scraps and enhanced with a brass lamp shade, yard sale earrings, and salvaged bar ware.

(Every costume I build is crafted from re purposed materials, salvaged items and cast-off things using simple skills and hacks (I don’t know how to sew).  I attend conventions around the US to teach costume building to folks like me who don’t have money or lack building skills like sewing and leather-working.)