I was inspired by several headless costumes, but mostly Nicole Magne’s. Halloween is by far my favorite time of year and I try to out-do myself each year.

This spooky headless Marie Antoinette halloween costume cost less than $50 to make. I used a plastic dress form from a local mannequin store, a backpack, a friend’s old dress, and a couple of yards of fabric to add sleeves and length, plus lots of duct tape and paint.

After painting the dress form and making the neck wound especially gory (simple latex, toilet paper and fake blood), I taped the dress form to an old back pack and hoisted her on. She was extremely comfortable to wear and light. A friend helped put the dress on, and figured out wear to cut the hole for my head to come through, we added sleeves, complete with fake arms (long gloves stuffed with batting), added more fabric to cover my legs, and voila! I was done.

The last steps included using red nail polish to drip over the dress, neck, and chest.

I was stopped the whole night by people wanting to take my picture with them. Definitely one of my favorite costumes!