For this spookiest Orlok costume, we bought the mask and hands from a professional mask company (that was the starting point). We loved the mask but had no idea what to dress him in.   This is a Silicone mask and hands made to fit your body.  We looked on the net and found a pattern for a pirate costume and a vampire pattern for the cape.   After deciding the costume then the color – and what better color than ‘black’ on Halloween!.

This was sewn together by my wife and took about 2 weeks to gather supplies and put together.   For the shoes, I bought 2 pair of a high sole boot and cut the sole off of one pair and glued/screwed to the the other to get about 1 1.2″ in taller stance.  I wore white contacts and Teeth from FX Fangs to finish off the spookiest Orlok costume.   Want to scare someone…mTHIS IS THE OUTFIT!!!