A handmade, original peacock costume created for 15 month old Ava! The struggle between deciding between an owl costume or a peacock costume proceeded for weeks until the discovery of sparkly peacock feathers at a local craft store. Immediately I knew the creation of a peacock costume was in my near future. A beautiful extravagant back piece with big feathers and sparkles consumed my thoughts for days until I finally began creating it. I wanted a costume that would be comfortable enough for a one-year old but that stood out from the crowd. The costume was a total succcess as I learned on Halloween night. Fellow trick-or-treaters were in awe! Other mothers asked me lots of questions about creating it and told me how beautiful and original it was. Ava even won a “best costume award” by another mother. The compliments were amazing to hear after the work put into this costume. When the cosume was complete, I was full of doubt and frustration and wanted to give up and buy my daughter a bagged costume. I am so happy with Ava’s peacock costume and have beautiful pictures to remember the event of her second Halloween!