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Something Different – Sexy Seven Deadly Sins Group Costume

We wanted something we’ve never seen before but was the essence of Halloween!  The Seven Deadly Sins!  We put together what we thought each deadly sin represented.  Greed was all about the showing of MONEY she wore gold and a money boa!  Lust we went for a sexy school girl outfit complete with glasses and sexy leggings.  Pride of course we went with purple and had a sash and tiara.  Wrath we made dark and angry with a cape and evil makeup.  Gluttony was easy hot gluing all kinds of fatty snacks like Twinkies, potato chip bags, and topped with an ice cream sundae headband!  Envy we made green (green with envy)  and last but not least Sloth with pajamas and cob webs as she just lays collecting dust.

To finish it off we wrote the particular sin we were portraying down our arm so there would be no confusion. All of the costumes were completed with the most important… Character!  We all played the character which made the costumes come to LIFE!

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