Smurfette Costume

I was so tired of finding nothing but trampy costumes for women. I wanted something cute and creative. So I created this Smurfette costume for our Halloween party last year. I was a huge fan of the Smurfs growing up and thought this would be fun to create.

I made the hat out of fleece. I found face paint to match the blue tights and body suit. The white dress, which was hard to find in October, was perfect.

If creating this costume the key is to plan ahead. All of the elements can be found online for relatively cheap. The tights were found at and the white dress was found at American Apparel.

I made the hat from supplies at the local fabric shop and found the wig at a local wig shop. The face paint was Ben Nye and can be purchased at many online retailers. Make sure to get the sealer when using any face paint. My cheeks and nose were bare by the end of the long night.

This costume was a big hit. People are still talking about it almost a year after. I can’t wait to submit this year’s costume!

11 thoughts on “Smurfette Costume”

  1. Love your costume, I may do this for myself this year! looks relatively easy! love it! I too was a big fan of the smurfs growing up. love it! check out the double-double costume (in-n-out) burger… my recent submission!

  2. I was Smurfette two years ago and your costume was way better than mine! I tried to use paint on my arms, neck, and chest and it was NOT a good idea! I felt like the saddest costume at the party. :)

    Great job!

  3. It was just brought to my attention that there are some questions that need answering. So…

    1. The face paint is from Ben Nye calypso blue

    2. The unitard and tights are from

    3. The wig I got from our local wig shop. I lived in Chicago when I did this so that was the easiest thing to find!

    4. The had I made myself. I just cut 2 pieces of white fleece and sewed them…like you pillow-but leave one side open. Then, to keep it up I had to stuff it with tissue.

    I think that’s it. I know this will be more popular this year because of the movie. If anyone has more questions you can email me at Have fun!

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