Smurfette Homemade Costume

This Smurfette costume was very, very simple. I bought a cheap white t-shirt. Then I bought some white burlap from a fabric store and cut the bottom in a wavy pattern.

I cut some big holes in the top layer of fabric so it looked like eyelet, and had maybe 2 or 3 layers so it wasn’t see through. I just fastened it on with hidden safety pins. I bought a blond wig and sewed a quick hat and stuffed it with Kleenex. The hat was held on by bobby pins I believe.

Then I covered myself in blue paint, except I didn’t want to get blue all over everything I touched that day, so I also bought blue gloves. For shoes I just wore plain white tennis shoes, almost like nurse tennis shoes.

People were staring at me all day long. And even my own brother didn’t recognize me!