Simple Sexy Womens Peacock Costume

This costume was the biggest hit at one of the largest Halloween party schools in America. Every single person who walked by me complimented me on it!

This costume was fairly simple to make, taking only a few hours, considering how intricate it looks. Here are the supplies I used:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Corset (I chose a nude colored on, which really looked nice with the feathers)
  • Tutu (you can make your own, but I chose to buy mine)
  • Shorts for under tutu
  • Lots of peacock feathers (I bought mine in bulk on ebay)
  • Ribbon
  • Floral Wire
  • Cardboard
  • Hair Comb that matched my hair color (Picture included)
  • Stockings/Hose
  • Heels

The peacock feathers I used were very long, so I had to lay them on the corset in layers, and then trim them before I began. After I had them arranged the way I wanted, I started with the top feathers, gluing each one from right below the eye of the feather, down the entire length of it. I would do that whole row, then move to the next one. I liked my feathers sticking a little over the top of the corset to give it some more dimension. Because the glue and feathers are very fragile, make sure you wait til the last possible moment to put your corset or top on; I ended up having to pin a few feathers down with some bobby pins because moving around in it too much caused the feathers to separate from the corset towards the top, and separate from themselves towards the middle, as you can see in the pictures.

For the tail, I cut out a triangle from the cardboard I had, (I used a dark color so any gaps weren’t very noticeable), inverted the triangle so the point was facing down, and glued more feathers on it in the same fashion as on the corset. I then took the ribbon and tied a big bow, and glued it to the board. I didn’t quite think the tail all the way through, and ended up just sticking it in the back of my tutu and shorts. It stayed for the duration of the first party, but fell out when I was walking. In hindsight, I should have punched holes in the cardboard and tied it around my waist under the shorts.

The headpiece really tied my whole costume together. To make this, I took the remaining feathers, hot glued them to floral wiring, and wrapped the wire around a hair comb, and stuck it in the back of my hair.

To finish my look, I did smokey/teal makeup, and a nude lip.

This has easily been my favorite costume so far, and definitely is a crowd pleaser.


Simple Sexy Womens Peacock Costume

Simple Sexy Womens Peacock Costume