I LOVE Halloween movies!! I try to use the characters that most people wouldn’t think to try to replicate! This year, I introduced my daughter to the Beetlejuice movie and she loved it!! I always loved the shrunken head guy so I set out and made it my goal to create it.

I covered my eyebrows in tape so I wouldn’t lose them to the latex. I bunched up cotton balls and used liquid latex to hold it in place. I then used bits of cotton balls, Kleenex and paper towels to form the actual face. I layered and dried each layer in between with the hair dryer. After it was completely dry I did a base coat of paint to look like dead skin and then added brown string with liquid latex to make it look like my mouth was sewn shut. I painted it all and added details with black paint.

For my eyes, I cut ping pong balls in half and painted them to look like eyes. I decided not to glue these in and popped them in and out all night so I could still see. I stacked my hair on top of my head and sprayed it all black, including my ears. I wrapped a scarf around my neck and stacked towels around my shoulders and chest. I then put on a big coat I got from the thrift shop and added my pants and boots I got from Walmart.

It was like I was a celebrity. Anyone and everyone kept asking to get their pictures taken with me all night long. I had people asking to touch my face and even popped my eyes out for them to try on!!

I am obsessed with Halloween. Each year I try and one-up myself for the costume! I had such a fun time making AND wearing this Shrunken Head costume this year!!