I started with getting a bob style red wig online. It was about $12 including shipping. I also found the orange knee high socks online for about $10. I found brown mary jane style shoes at walmart for $8. I shopped around for a while looking for a skirt and decided to try our local Goodwill. I found the perfect pleated short skirt and orange sweater. My husband already had brown cords and black shoes so I found him a 2x short sleeve green shirt also at walmart for under $5. I wore my costume to my work and won first prize for most original costume. Oh, I almost forgot. I got black glasses also for $3. I also wear glasses so that worked too. Our friends said that we looked like them and they loved it. We also had a scooby doo pillow that we carried along with us. We also have a dog named scooby but we were not able to take him.