Sexy Suds Couple Costume

I wanted to create cute but comfortable costumes for my boyfriend and I this year and found inspiration in the shower! I knew that to keep my boyfriend happy, he would prefer to wear ‘normal’ clothes. I was able to make him soap using 2 pieces of foam and creating a sandwich board effect.  The soap is actually foam from the fabric store and I used an electric knife to cut the shape. I hotglued clear beads together in bunches to create the effect of suds.

I became a loofah by buying 10 yards of tulle and cutting them into small pieces. I gathered each piece and safety pinned bunches to a long tank top. I kept pinning until the overall effect was a poofy round loofah.  I also attached a rope as my loofah string and the clear beads to add suds.

This Sexy Suds Couple Costume was a hit and we both loved wearing them!