Sexy Ninja Turtles Couples Costume

Who doesn’t like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?!

Choosing Raphael & Donatello was our first step. Next, using scrap fabric to make our spiffy belts, we drew on the letters with metallic sharpies. To make our headbands, we cut scrap ribbon and tied them in a simple knot at the back of our heads. The only aspect of the costume(s) that took some real “effort” was our fancy shells. We luckily found green sleds on clearance at our local Target. After drilling two holes on each sled and attaching scrap rope, we had our own wearable-shells. The rest of our costume consisted of: green tank tops, black shorts and knee-high white socks. Our finishing detail was drawing on “realistic” abs with a fabric marker.

Our attire got plenty of compliments, and everyone could understand who we were “trying to be.” The costume was comfortable and since our shells were detachable, easy to move around in, drive in, etc.

There’s no doubt I will always fall back on this costume whenever I’m in need of a last-minute Halloween party outfit!

Who doesn't like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?!<br /> Choosing Raphael & Donatello was are first step. Next, using scrap fabric to make our spi