Sexy Little Mermaid Homemade Costume

This Little Mermaid costume was definitely not as easy to make as I thought it would be. Putting it together caused several glue gun burns. I can definitely say that I’m scarred for the next couple of weeks because of my costume. LOL! It was all worth it, though. I love it!!!

I made the whole costume for under 40 dollars.

  • I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann’s. The cost for that was approximately $10.
  • I bought the shell-bra for $5.99 on Amazon.
  • The paint and accessories were purchased at Michaels for about $10.
  • The wig came from eBay and was $10-12.

You must know how to use a sewing machine if you plan on making the skirt, but other than that, it’s all hot glue gun!!!