Sexy Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

So Halloween is always number one on my list of “I have to impress everyone”. Every single year I completely freak out about not knowing what to be. This year I decided to be something completely different. Normally I am the basic cat or cop, but this year I decided to be Poison Ivy from Batman.

To start this outfit, I bought a one-piece from party city. The one piece had sleeves so I cut them to use for another costume. I then went to Michael’s and bought two extremely long lines of fake ivy. I also got a separate roll of smaller pieces of ivy for accessories.

I began by literally sewing every individual piece of ivy on my one-piece. This took about 6 hours to do and when I tried it on I could barely fit it over my head! So I pulled it down as hard as I could so the one-piece could be shaped to my body. I then put the one-piece on a chair (that resembled my figure) and got back to work. I finished my costume the day before of a Halloween party.

When I was getting ready I curled my hair and put a smaller piece of ivy towards the back of my head (using bobby pins to keep it in tact). I also put a ton of green glitter in my hair. For my face I used gold and green eyeshadow and different shades of green gems to glue around my eyes. Then I put on my old fish nets and my combat boots. I wrapped the smaller pieces of ivy around my boots and used bobby pins to keep the ivy from falling off. My costume was a huge hit and definitely turned heads, have fun making it!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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