Sexy Homemade Pirate Costumes

As a senior in junior, I was tired of seeing the same costumes being recycled year after year (myself being guilty of this as well!). After walking out of my third costume shop feeling at last defeated and hopeless regarding my search for that perfect costume, I decided it was time to go the homemade route. I wanted something that nobody else would have. I wanted something that was slightly badass but at the same time, would be cute and wouldn’t scare people away.

So, I headed to the nearest arts and crafts store. Right away, some shiny black and white striped fabric caught my eye that reminded me of my then new obsession with pirates of the Caribbean. I thought to myself, “perfect! I can be a pirate!” So, I selected a few different types of “piraty” fabrics that I could cut up and safety pin around myself as a skirt, used a friend’s black corset, recycled my old fishnets (because let’s be real, they are pretty much a Halloween staple now-a-days), piled on old pearl necklaces that I already owned, and bought a huge pirate hat from the local thrift shop.

These sexy Homemade Pirate costumes are seriously my favorite costumes to date and I got a TON of compliments. It came together looking classy, authentic, and was so comfy! Luckily, I saved the supplies and am still friends with the girl who loaned me her corset so I am definitely using this one again this year because at WSU, Halloween literally lasts ALL WEEK!

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