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Sexy Homemade Energizer Bunny Halloween Costume

I have absolutely no crafting talents, and making this costume was so easy! The drum, which is the best part in my opinion, was really simple. I got one of those big popcorn tins that has three separate sections of popcorn from toys R us for $6. After making my roommates and myself eat all of its contents, I cleaned it out and just used posterboard paper and different colored duct tape. I printed off an energizer logo on normal printing paper and taped it on. The strap is just made out of two strands of tape together, which made it really sturdy. The drum stricks are just made from $2 paint brushes with crumpled up paper on the ends wrapped in pink duct tape. The battery pack on my back was made from two empty Burnett\’s bottles (we seem to aquire a lot of them in my apartment). I just taped them and put the energizer logo on it, and duct taped it to the outside of skinny white belt that I had. It was a really easy and inexpensive costume to make and it got so many great reactions!

I was contemplating wearing it for multple nights just to tell people that the costume keeps going and going and going…! The party that I went to this night was absolutely packed, and someone actually ripped off my battery pack and ran away with it because they liked it so much. While I was dancing people would come up to me and ask to play the drum so it was kind of a community item. Everyone said I had the best costume there and a bunch of people asked if they could borrow the drum for the next few nights!

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