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Sexy Homemade Costume: Anaksunamun from the Movie “The Mummy”

For years I have wanted to be an Egyptian queen. I searched online but nothing caught my eye. I couldn’t find anything unique enough. Only thing that kept popping up was the picture of Anaksunamun from the movie The Mummy. I finally decided to make it on my own. Obviously, in the movie her whole outfit was body paint. No way was I going to do that.

I started off at a lingerie store for the base of my costume. The shape was close enough and it was black. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up black and gold fabric for the pieces to cover my front and back which I sewed onto my lingerie. I also picked up a ton of beads to make the piece that wraps around my hips. Besides all that, I bought the wig, the gold head piece and a crap ton of different gold bangles. For the body art, my friend just used a thick tipped non-toxic marker and drew on me! I was unique and felt sexy!! Best part of it all was that it was homemade and I was the ONLY Anaksunamun!!

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