Sexy DIY Energizer Bunny Costume

This Energizer bunny costume was a pain in the cotton tailed butt!!  But it was totally worth it! The hardest part was the drum. I had  my fiance get some cardboard boxes from work. I cut out two large circles and a long rectangle. The rectangle I had to press and bend every cm just so the cardboard can roll. I used a lot of hot glue and had to do a lot of cutting, so I ended up with a swollen finger -__- .

I spray painted the drum white. Once it dried and printed and taped some Energizer logos on the drum. Then I hot glued some blue straps to the drum. I made drumstick from some small pipes my fiance had at work and some poly fiber. I wrapped white tulle around to hold the poly fiber in place. The bodysuit was simple. I made the pattern off the top of my head and sewed it together. And I made my cotton tail the same way I did the drumstick head. My ears were made from an old headband and wire wrapped in fabric. Voila!