My sexy Cinderella!! This costume was time consuming. Took me over a week to do, but it came out great!  First, the leotard! I stenciled out an old bathing suit  onto blue stretch velvet and then sewed it together. It wasnt covering the boobs (oops!) so I had to cut it across the waistline and add three inches of velvet at the waist. My mistake actually made it look better because now the leotard is two toned. I hemmed all the raw edges and Added white tulle to the straps to give the Cinderella poofy shoulder affect. Now onto the skirt (gulp). First I did the no sew tutu method and tied tulle around an elastic waistband. This took a while because I ran out of tulle from the roll. So I had to get some by the yard tulle and cut it into strips manually (ugh). After that I got some wire and formed it into a circle and taped it close. Then I hand sewed the tutu to the wire circle (so it wll be a pancake tutu that sticks out). Then I draped blue velvet over the tutu and hand sewed the velvet to the wire circle. Sewed a ribbon to he waistline and BOOM……finished!