Sexy Chester the Cheetah Costume

I was eating some Cheetto’s when I came up with the idea I should be Chester!! All girl “sexy” costumes do not have to actually portray a girl/femal character. Here’s what it takes

You get some body paint in orange, black and white. White high top converse, sun glasses a bathing suit top or orange tank, black shorts, gloves and something for a tail.

So you just let a friend paint you orange and then let it dry. The hardest part is the black spots but you can just make them small circular spots. I used white face paint, the kind that you get at any costume store and did those parts myself while the orange was drying. Attach a tail to black shorts and make sure you have those on before you start the painting. Add high top converse, white  and some sunglasses and your good to go!

My birthday is on the 27th of October and we always have a Halloween party in honor of my birthday so I have to be something unique. It’s freezing in October! So I stood there in my bikini and black shorts and let my friend paint me. I was praying that it didn’t rain that night! I was also hoping that people would get who I was!! So I carried a bag of Cheetos puffs around with me! Everyone “got it” and loved it. I felt amazing that I actually pulled it off. My only problem was not getting to close to anything to smudge!

Side note: Hair- I made my hair a fo-hawk by teasing it and using several hair ties, simply tied it up with a bump in the front.

So fun and so original, I think anyways.

Sexy Chester the Cheetah Costume

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