This masterpiece blew peoples minds ! Depending on how intoxicated-people guessed me to be anything from Mother Goose to Marilyn Munro to a loofa but the more observant party goers knew right away, this is a kick ass bubble bath! I crafted this from tulle material, rubber ducks, clear plastic Xmas tree ornaments and lots of hot glue. I bought all the materials for about 40 bucks (several hot glue burns later and a few glasses of red wine later), I had this costume homemade, original and ready to go.

I hot glued the tulle (blue and white) onto high waisted shorts and a nude tank top so it looked like I was perched in the bubble bath with clear bubbles and little ducks. I also tied a loofa to my purse and had a jar of blowing bubbles for added effect.

You can make this costume super flattering and not look like a total slut.