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Scary Zombie Makeup and Costume

I decided I wanted to be a zombie when I first started scrolling through Netflix then seeing one of the most popular shows out there; The Walking Dead. I started to watch one episode, then another, then another, I couldn’t stop. In about 2 weeks I watched all 3 seasons and now here I am patiently waiting for Sunday every week on AMC. Halloween was coming up and I decided that I had to be a zombie, no doubt.

I went to one of many stores in my little city ( there’s about 5 stores). I went to every single one looking for contacts and makeup. Finally I found the cheapest pair of eye contacts and already had my makeup ready. Everyday for about a month I practiced my makeup and scared my cat with it. The day before Halloween I thought to myself, ‘I forgot my outfit..’ I ran down to a thrift store and grabbed a long ugly collar shirt. I ripped it up, poured some blood on it and I was set. I saw so many zombies on the zombie walk. The zombies (in my opinion) sucked. I know, it’s rude but  if you want to dress like a zombie then be one. I got liquid latex, brown and red makeup, a pint of fake blood, and contacts which cost about $60 in total.

This is how you do the makeup:

  • 1) Apply liquid latex to skin
  • 2) Put toilet paper on top of latex, apply latex, then another layer of toilet paper. Do this about 5 times.
  • 3) Wait until the latex drys, then in the middle of the latex/ toilet paper rip open.
  • 5) Inside this hole, put black around the edges and red in the middle. Blend in.
  • 6) Apply fondation onto the toilet paper to match your skin
  • 7) Pour blood into hole and let it drip.

This looks real. I remember trying to find my cat outside with the  makeup on while a couple guys were walking by. They saw my face and freaked out thinking it was real. Then realized I was just standing there smiling at their reaction and finally figured it out it was fake. They laughed and walked away. I got so many similar reactions just like that. It was hilarious. As I walked to school on Halloween day, people honked their horns while driving by and yelled stuff that I couldn’t hear but I did see their faces smiling. Just to make things more creepier I put just one red contact in my right eye. This was probably the best costume I have ever put together.

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