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Scary Living Dead Doll Costume – Jack the Human Carver

It started off me collecting boxes from the warehouse at my job. I got an idea of a doll box and went with it.I started making the coffin shaped box to make it creepy and saw that there is such a thing as the Living Dead Dolls and so I went with that idea I created my own character, figured a Halloween theme would be great. That’s how Jack was invented, since we do Pumpkin carvings, Jack is taking revenge and doing some carving of his own. Every Halloween night Jack escapes the box and seeks revenge to do some carving of his own.

I bought crazy eyes and bought some clothes at the thrift store, made lettering for words and spray painted them and then bought plastic vinyl at Walmart for the clear film in the front and I got into character. By far the best costume I have come up with for work so far. Today was the Halloween contest at work and I won 1st prize. I got an Ipad Air, I am very happy and my 4 kids will be very happy as well to play with it once I get home later today.

It took several days and hours to create this costume, it was fun while I made it, my mom is a seamstress and shes great with fabric so she helped me cover the box one night. Everyone thought I was crazy with this idea but in the end it was so worth it. I looked up tutorials online for makeup and started practicing a few nights before the big day. I put a lot of effort into this costume and I am in love with it. I am not sure what I will do with this box after today but all I can say is that I’m already thinking of what I can come up with for next year.

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