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Scary Homemade Zombie Costume

I totally did my research with this Zombie costume. I read a lot of tutorials on makeup application and figured out how to “gore it up”. The face was actually really easy. I made a glue mix and using tissue paper created the zombie look on my face and dried it with a hair dryer. Once it was set, I covered it with paint and women’s makeup.

I made my suit bloody ahead of time with corn syrup and food coloring so it would dry. I made another batch for Halloween night for my face (which tasted great by the way). I “borrowed” an authentic prison jumpsuit from our local Mental Health Centre what was actually worn by an old patient (totally creeepy right?!?! ). The only thing that was bought for this costume were the eye contacts – I had to have them to make the costume complete. I went as far as making homemade gross finger nails out of plastic. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pic of those.

You want to talk about reactions? I went trick or treating with my 2 daughters and some kids would change the side of the street they were walking on when they saw me. Adults were leary around me and I made about 5 kids cry (not on purpose!

I love being creative so this was a great time for me.

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