I  wanted to make our dog Connelly a costume that went along with the farming theme so I made him a costume that looks like two dogs a carrying a bale of hay. His costume is made up of everything that we had at home: baby clothes, box, hay, twine, stuffed animals and hot glue.

To make the costume I covered the box with hay and glued down with the hot glue gun. Then I took stuffed animals and put clothing on them. I attached the stuffed animals torso’s to the box with hot glue. Connelly is actually wearing pants on his back legs and wearing overalls on his front legs. He can run, walk, sit and can still even pee with this costume on. It us held on by elastic  under his tummy. He doesn’t mind wearing the costume at all! The costume even keeps him warm!!

I also built a barn out of a box and painted it to put in a wagon for my daughter to ride in. I think the farming theme turned out great for my family. My husband and I are going to wear our flannel shirts with or carhart jeans when we take our daughter and dog out to go trick or treating. All together this costume took some creative thinking and some patience with the hot glue gun. Everyone who has seen the costume has loved it and can’t believe that he wears it. Connelly has gotten so many photos that he really didn’t even have time to think that he was wearing a costume. This was a fun project to work on and I think it turned out great!!

My 19 month old daughter has loved tractors lately so I also made her a John Deere tractor out of a painted diaper box with paper plates. Unfortunately, she really didn’t want to wear it.