Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus DIY Girl Group Costume

We are three friends (two of us sisters) who wanted to do something together this year. Our very good friends throw a huge bash, complete with a DJ, for about 100 people. We finally came up with and agreed upon being the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, and we were so excited. We didn’t tell ANYONE about our costumes, we even made up “alias” costumes to throw everyone off. We thrifted for weeks, found things online, and even went down to the wire finding the perfect blonde wig for “Sarah.” These costumes were pieced together over a course of two months. The accessories are what made it, even down to the vacuum, mop, and household broom. When it came time to go to the party, we showed up later on so that everyone could see us togther. The inital reaction was far more than any of us expected.. it was like we were celebrities! People were taking pictures with us all night! We collectively got “best costume”- our friends were in awe at how spot on our characters were. We had a total blast creating these costumes, and have no idea how we will even try to top it next year- but we will surely try. Along with being loved in person, our photo has over 300 likes on facebook, and has been shared almost 50 times! We have decided to always do a costume together from now on, because it was definitely the most fun we’ve all had on Halloween in our lives!