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Rocket Batplane Wheelchair Costume

This is my son, he is 8 years old, has cerebral palsy so he is confined to a wheelchair. I wanted him to be like the other kids for one night so I wanted t create a costume that “hid: his wheelchair. I used three boards to make the frame, two card board boxes, lots of duct tape, black red and green, 4 empty soda bottles, I added soe glow sticks on it just because it gets dark outside.

It took us about 2 days to make and just seeing my son’s face when it was done made it all worth it. During the night pushing him around, my son’s smile was from ear to ear, and the people we saw either took his picture telling him this is the best costume they had saw so far, or gave him extra candy for having such a cool costume.


Rocket Batplane Wheelchair Costume

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