Navigating the web I found a similar costume, i thougt I’d just step it up a notch and make it really SCARY!

This is how I made it:

It took me a few days to think how to make the intestines and umbilical cord, that was the time consuming part:  Panty hose (folded in half and sewn in the middle) with hand painted cotton (gray and red). a liver and heart from .99 store, plastic bowl and lots of glue gun sticks!! The belly was store bought, made a hole in the middle and stuck the bowl there.

Clothes and baby doll: Godwill

Guts and Face: FX application for mouth and eye. Latex, tissue, gel blood, putty and like 2 hours of labor!

Hair: MINE!…yep, not a wig…..

Reactions?? I stood in the corner of the party and pretended i was a mannequin. people bought it…THEN I scared the crap out of everybody!!! After posting it on FB people were grossed out but I got compliments on how good the costume is….