Realistic Vending Machine Costume

I could have gone out and bought a costume, but I always encourage my boys to be creative and use their imaginations. We had an extra cardboard box available, and decided to use it for this year’s Halloween costume.

After searching the Web for ideas, we decided to create a vending machine. I started off by cutting openings for the head and the arms. I cut an opening in the front of the box, folded it in, and created the area where the candy would go. I lined this area with black wrapping paper. Next I selected 8 candy bars and removed the candy (No I did not eat all the candy by myself, my sons’ were more than happy to help!)

I purchased a metal slinky, and cut it into 8 equal sections. I stuffed the empty wrappers with tissue paper to make them appear full, glued each wrapper to each of the 8 slinky sections, and glued the slinky pieces to the box. I covered the front of the box with black wrapping paper,but decided to paint the remaining 3 sides.

I made the “glass” by using clear plastic wrap. To make the pieces for the front, I used letter and number stickers, and covered cardboard with tin foil to create the “metal”. To finish it off, I lined the openings for the head and arms with a foam adhesive  strip to make it more comfortable to wear.

I really enjoyed creating this costume,  and I am really happy with how it turned out. It was definitely a huge hit, people absolutely loved it! Everyone was very impressed, and they couldn’t  believe how realistic it looked.

This costume took numerous hours to complete, but the look on my sons face when he first saw himself in it made everything well worth it! I hope you enjoyed my story, and we hope we win!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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