After seeing the Avatar movie and absolutely loving it, my friend and I decided we HAD to dress up in real life Avatars halloween couple costumes for Halloween. There were a lot of full costumes that you could just buy, but we wanted to make ours original.

We started by looking through our closets for random pieces of clothing. I used an old bathing suit top, and cut up old stretchy pants I had as shorts. We cut up an old shirt as our loin clothes and used old belts to secure it in place. We used a pair of socks for our tails and spray painted stripes on it. We then stuffed it and secured it to our belts. For our ears, we had little rubber pieces that we cut, and hand painted.

We used blue and silver liquid latex and painted our entire bodies. What a process! I think it took use about 3 hours to do. I learnt that shaving your legs the day of wasn’t the best idea as the latex really made it itch while it was drying. I was jumping around my room trying not to scratch and wreck it for the whole 3 hours. That was definitely the hardest, but funniest part. We found a wig at value village and we were all set!

We got such a positive reaction from people when we were out. Everyone was telling us how great we looked and asking if they could take pictures with us. These were just random people coming up to us while we were walking on the street! It was SO much fun and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to top our Avatar costume.

What a great Halloween!