Punk Queen of Hearts Costume Made of All Heart Playing Cards

I found a couple of packs of playing cards at the thrift store about a month and a half before Halloween. I decided to go for a queen of hearts theme. I found about 20-30 more decks of playing cards at the Dollar store and picked out all of the heart cards. Then I carefully sewed them to the skirt of a dress fanning out slowly. This process took forever!!! I sewed it all by hand.

Then I created the vest using check board fabric and more heart playing cards, and some heart buttons that I painted red. I then wore ripped up tights and some high argyle socks. I painted a huge red heart over my eye, and teased up my already hot pink hair. I was kind of a punky queen of hearts.

Because of the low quality of the cards I used from the Dollar store, this dress got pretty thrashed really quickly. It got wet and started to tear, and it caught and ripped on everything. It was a success but next time, I might spend more money to make it more durable.