Prize-Winning Headless Marie Antoinette Costume

For the past few years my sisters have had a great Halloween party.  I usually dress up as some kind of Vampire, because I love Vampire movies.  Anyway, this year they told me “You can’t be a Vampire!” lol.  So, I decided to do something totally different and great!  Marie Antoinett, carrying her head!  I ordered a headless torso from a mannequin website.  It was hollow so I cut out the stomach area and rigged it to sit on my shoulders with velcro straps crisscrossing across my chest and back.  I had to inlist my 22 year old neice to help with putting on the torso.  I swore her to secrecy! I bought a costume dress and hat, Marie wig.  I cut out the stomach on the top of the costume that my head would stick through and a hole in the hat. I would velcro the hat to both hands, like she was carrying it and my head would be sitting on the hat!  White makeup and dark circles around my eyes for the dead look.  And a lot of fake blood!

Well, the night of the party, my neice helped me get everything on in the spare bedroom.  I walked out and my sisters went nuts!  I was a HUGE hit!  Seven feet tall, and I had to walk through doors sideways!  But, it was the best costume ever and I won a prize!