My 3 y.o son wearing a Minions Costume made by his grandfather.

The materials used are mainly sliced foam, paint, double sided tape and belt then for the jumper and sleeves, his grandfather just bought a blue and yellow fabric then he’s the one who formed and sew it. Definitely not an expensive one since we just spent less than 300 pesos to buy black gloves, yellow and blue fabric and the rest are just recycled and used materials from his grandfather’s shoe shop.

It is made for the Trick or Treat Party of my son in his school. He became the mini mascot of the event and almost all of the guests likes to have a photo with him. Good thing my son didn’t throw some tantrums that time since it’s kinda heavy for his age and it is hot inside even if it’s just made of sliced foam. When it’s already eating time for the children, the funny thing is I can see him thinking of  ways so he can also eat the fries and burger. He really enjoyed wearing his Minions costume since he got lots of praises and some of the guests jokingly said that they like to bring him home. He got extra treats and won the Best in Costume for Boys as well.  Overall it is a great Halloween experience for my son.

The priceless thing is the effort and love of his grandfather just for the sake of his grandchild, really a spoiled but much loved grandchild.