I made several costumes the last couple of months for our toddler. It is so cute to dress up little ones and they grow so quickly. I thought of several ideas that I wanted to try out, so I made as many as I could. I still have several unfinished ones that I am going to work on all year long. My older kids don’t want to dress up anymore,so I have to take advantage of having a little person around who will enjoy dressing up for several years to come.

I started this costume by making a tute skirt from a crochet headband and tulle. I mad a top to go with it from satin.
The wings are wire and green nylons.

I purchase thrift shoes painted them green and added white popm poms to the top.

The lantern is made from cardboard that I cut and pieced together in a shape to match some lanterns that we own.
There are plexiglass panes on three sides made from thrift store poster frame glazing. It was east to cut the glazing to size and it was lightweight and durable.

Our little girl thought it was fun to be inside the lantern and peek a boo with the neighbors and friends. Everyone could identify with her character, but commented that they had never seen the lantern idea before.

Now that Halloween is over, she continues to play in the lantern . She likes to sit in it and watch Disney videos.