Halloween is the best holiday there is in my opinion! I love making my costume every year and going as all out and festive as possibl. This year was way harder than it has ever been, there are so many creative options for amazing homemade costume, but then I finally came to my drea costum, the majestic and beautiful peacock. All of the feathers  are cruelty free. And I spent more time on my costume than you can imagine. I’m a freshman in high school and Halloween is my favorite holiday ever.

For the wings are used to cardboard cutouts and went crazy with faux feathers on them. I used a blue lace tank top with a gorgeous neckpiece that I sewed myself and put feathers on. I am wearing heels that my mommy bought for me. A mask that I bought from Walmart and put blue silk around it with feathers all on top. I am also wearing a blue light up tutu with feathers around it. And finally I am wearing blue gloves that I bought from nobby’s. My costume perfectly and captures the majestic peacock in my opinion, this is a quick and easy and cute costume that anyone can pull off, you just have to smile and work it.

I am going to do my make up as peacock like as possible. To do this I got blue sparkly liquid eyeliner and face paints that I will use to make myself look like a peacock. I also got fake feather fake eyelashes that complement my outfit perfectly you can get these at any beauty store for very low price, and they are super cute. Just don’t forget to get Eyelash glue with them so that they’ll actually stick. And for the final part of the outfit, I am putting blue and lime green stripes of color in my hair to give it that final peacock look.

I hope my costume gives you inspiration to let your Halloween dream soar. My friend said it was the cutest costume they have ever seen, I’m sure if you choose to do something like it you will look great. Thank you so much have a great Halloween everyone!