My daughter is very much into Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  So, for Halloween she wanted to dress up as a mermaid.  We looked everywhere and we could not find a pretty mermaid costume that we liked or that fit her since she is pretty petite.   So I thought I would just make her a mermaid costume.

I used a sequin fabric for the scaly tail with see through colored fabric for the fins.  The tail fabric was sewn together by hand and a glue gun was used to attach the fins at the bottom of the tail.  For the top I used a ballet body suit to which I glued on seashells to make the mermaids top. For accessories I made bracelets out of sequin fabric and a seashell.  I also made a hair piece out of a hair clip, tulle, and a seashell.   The project turned out to be pretty easy thanks to my glue gun.

My daughter loved the costume and could not wait to where it.  People thought she looked really pretty.  We got lots of compliments saying we did a very good job and that it was very unique.