Pretty Homemade Peacock Costume for a Girl

I got a request from a loyal customer to make a peacock costume for a girl. She sent me a couple pictures of the peacock costume she had in mind, but I like for my work to look more realistic with a little bit of fantasy so I went with the realistic human peacock costume.

It took four hours and hundreds of yards of tulle. By the time I finished some fingers were cramping or numb (haha) not to mention all the burns from my hot glue gun (I promise it only stings for a couple seconds lol) from glueing on the feathers. I glued several feathers between every layer of tulle but it was completely worth every second of time spent on it.

After posting this picture to social media I couldn’t believe the positive responses I got especially the messages about my daughters foot haha (look closely at the picture, I promise I didn’t photoshop lol). She’s so use to being my model that when she was facing me and I tell her to turn her bottom she seriously only turns her bottom.

Hey, I think it’s a great peacock costume for Halloween!