Pretty as a Peacock Costume

This year I was a peacock and it was a big hit! I wore a simple, short black dress, a gold belt, gold shimmery stockings, and high heels. I did up my eyes with blues, teals, purples and green and wore some cool feather eyelashes. I made a pin out of some feathers and pinned it to the front of my dress. This was the easy part!

Now for the hard part…the tail feathers! It wasnt hard one I actually came up with an idea of how to put them on my back. The easiest way was to wear them the same way I would wear angel wings.

This was also a no-sew project as I used a hot glue gun and staples. Lets see if I can explain this without getting too confusing! I bought a few packages of long peacock feathers and a small styrofoam ring (usually used to make a wreath). both i found at michaels. I first wrapped the styrofoam in a teal pantyhose to conceal it. (keep in mind, the part that will be to her back will look messy, but thats ok cause no one will see it). I then took the feathers and stuck them into the styrofoam and fanned them out the way i wanted. I hot glue gunned all the entry and exit points of the feathers so that they would stay in place. I then took 2 clear shower curtain rings and clipped them around the styrofoam (weird i know, but it worked!) I didnt punch it through the pantyhose, but just clipped it to them. I then looped a sequined elastic through each shower curtain ring and stapled them together. This is where the arms will go through to wear it like a backpack. I then decorated the side of the ring that faces out with some peacock feather eyes. It came out great!