I made this costume last year, I tried to come up with a costume this year as cool as the peacock but it just isn\’t going to happen I won\’t be able to out do this costume, I just made a few adjustments and made it a little different this year and it still took first place in the costume contests and when she is in this costume its like being with a super star with the paparazi every where, every single person she passes either comments to the person they are with, to me and her and half of them ask to take her picture, its a show stopper she gets so much attention!!! The dress is made of the shiney metallicy material dark blue, light green and teal, with peacock front dark blue feathers on the chest area with a peacock charm hanging off neck line, peacock feathers on the bottom of dress, the back of the dress is light green and the dress has a long train, there is a tutu skirt that is short in the front and long layered tulle in back of green blue purple and light blue, with glitter stenciled peacock feather on tulle, then the wide fan spread of peacock feathers on the back. I took her to two costume contests, I knew she would win and she did. Everyone says it\’s the best costume ever and it truely is the pictures don\’t do it justice!!!

sorry something is wrong with my computer that whenever I upload photos they will not upload in the correct position dont know how to fix it completely did a new install which was recommended by computer support and the problem is still not fixed :( hope you can see them ok