Pregnant Cotton Candy Halloween Costume

When I was pregnant, I wanted something cute and original. I worked at a company that takes Halloween very seriously, so I knew it had to be good! I bought a plain white shirt, white cotton batting from Walmart, and pink dye and threw them all in the washer. The darker color pink worked the best, the light pink was too light.

I then used some letter stencils I had at home with blue and pink sharpiesto write out the letters on the bag.  I originally bought clear trash bags, but they weren’t big enough to fit over my pregnant belly! I went to the dry cleaners and asked for a clear dry cleaning bag, and that worked perfectly! I just cute a hole in the bottom for my head and two arm holes.

I glued pink ribbon to the top and loosely tied it to keep the bag up. I ended up wearing jeans, just because that was what I was the most comfortable in at the time, but it would look cute with some white leggings!