Coolest Homemade Bubblegum Machine Costume

Homemade Bubblegum Machine Costume

My daughter wanted to be something different than everyone else knows. So we came up with a Bubblegum Machine Costume. We started with a hula hoop and sewed red felt around it and up to make a skirt. The top is just a clear trash bag with arm and leg holes cut out and balloons … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pig in a Blanket Costume

Homemade Pig in a Blanket Costume

My husband loves pigs in a blanket, which gave us the idea for this homemade pig in a blanket costume. We love homemade costumes with original ideas that no-one else will have! My sister was in college and didn’t have much money to spend on a costume and this was a very good penny pincher … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monster Truck Costume

Homemade Monster Truck Costume

My 5 year old wanted to be a monster truck for Halloween last year; not wanting to buy something we decided to make are own homemade monster truck costume. I used various sizes of card board boxes; cutting and piecing them until they resembled a truck. He wanted to be a red truck so I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Costume

Homemade Traffic Light Costume

I usually make my son’s costume, but this year he was old enough to participate in the creation. A Traffic Light Costume popped into his head, I thought wow, that’s great and easy. I added my own spin to it by adding the sign. I will be dressing up as a police women so together … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cactus Costume

Homemade Cactus Costume

We had just moved to Mesa, AZ… in honor of the heat and the local flora, we decided our six-month old daughter just had to be a cactus! After scouring the internet and only finding a few very ugly cactus costume ideas – I knew there was a way I could do it and make … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hummer Costume

Homemade Hummer Costume

My daughter and I had to make a mode of transport costume for her school transport day. We decided on a Pink Hummer costume. We made it out of normal cardboard boxes, paper masking tape, paint and silver engineering tape. For the wheels we downloaded a pictuer of pink alloy wheels of the net and … Read more

Original Homemade Couch Potato Costume

Homemade Couch Potato Costume

The first part of the Couch Potato Costume made is the potato. I bought a textured beige curtain panel, folded it in half, sewed the rectangle 3/4ths around, leaving enough room to stuff it with quilt batting. I then sewed small pockets across the top and bottom of the stuffed rectangle and ran elastic through … Read more

Chippendale Dancer Costume for a Toddler

Homemade Chippendale Dancer Costume

Braxton is ready to rock it out and take your money!! Especially with the little chubby belly…I used a white dress shirt and cut off the collar and sleeve cuffs, he already had the black bow tie and black dress pants. We slicked up his hair and he was ready to go! We got a … Read more

Homemade Indian Costume

Indian 1

I made this costume a few years ago, just for a photoshoot and a documentation. I used some textiles, I needled them. And alsa there is a long textil. For the jewelery I used pearls and braids and I went to the shop. I painted the face and the hands and made the hair indian-ish.

Coolest Homemade Native American Girl Costume

Coolest Homemade Native American Girl Costume

The Homemade Native American Girl Costume is a simple pillow case dress with fringe glued all the way around. She’s wearing a wig with fabric trim fitted as a headband with feather embellishments. It was SO easy! We glued some of that fringe to her flip flops to,o instead of buying or making moccassins. Excellent.

Coolest Kissing Booth Woman’s Costume

Homemade Kissing Booth Woman's Costume

How to make this Homemade Kissing Booth Woman’s Costume: 1. Start with Large box that will fit around your bottom cut off flaps on top and bottom 2. Find a spray paint to color box I used light pink and used a glitter spray over it 3. Use black paint and brush to paint words, … Read more

Cool Homemade One Night Stand Costume

Homemade One Night Stand Costume

The Homemade One Night Stand Costume was a big hit! I entered in a costume contest at a local bar and took first place. Items used: cardboard box (for the table), 1 yard of fabric (to cover the table), lampshade (hat), bra (hat), condoms, empty beer cans, ash tray, and fishing line (for the straps. … Read more

Coolest Airplane Costume

Homemade Bi Plane Costume

For this Bi Plane Costume I started out using four cardboard boxes and four rolls of Duct tape my favorite… The first box is the largest of them. I cut a hole in it to place over the pilot’s head to make sure he can get into it from the bottom and that he can … Read more

Coolest Bubble Gum Machine Halloween Costume

Anna as a Bubble Guml Machine

I made this Bubble Gum Machine Halloween costume for my 2 year old neighbor. It required red paint, a box, balloons, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, and a swimming cap. I started by cutting the bottom out of the box, two holes for the arms, and a hole in the top for his head. Cut strips of … Read more

Coolest Cactus Costume

Cactus  Antenna costume

I was sitting around thinking of a great idea for a costume and remembered my boyfriend telling me a story. His mother had a Cactus ornament on her antenna of her car. Cactus Cowboy Joe, was the name they gave him. They had taken this ornament off of her antenna and held it for ransom; … Read more

Coolest Cactus Homemade Costume

Homemade  Cactus Costume

This costume was for Western Day at my school. I knew right away that I wanted to be a cactus, but figuring out how to do it was more difficult. In the end I came up with a very easy way to make this costume. Materials: Cardboard Bubble Wrap Toothpicks Green paper Double Sided Sticky … Read more

Make Your Own Car Costume

Make Your Own Car Costume

I got this costume idea from another Coolest-Homemade-Costume submitter. They made the original version of this and I wanted to share my version of it… and prove that with a little elbow grease it’s possible to recreate these great costumes on this site! My son is obsessed (to say the least) with Hot Wheels cars. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Chippendale Dancer Costume

Homemade Chippendale Dancer Costume

My son was 9 months old on Halloween this year and we needed to find a costume for him to wear to an indoor Halloween party. I wanted something that would be both adorable and funny enough to make people laugh. I created this Chippendale Dancer costume by cutting and re-purposing a white table napkin … Read more

Coolest Homemade Claw Machine Halloween Costume

Homemade Claw Machine Halloween Costume

We decided on making the Homemade Claw Machine Halloween Costume after seeing it on your website for my 8 yr old son, Michael! We took a few different directions than the original claw machine found on your website. We started out with two large cardboard boxes, spray painted one black, one red. After the paint … Read more

Coolest Claw Arcade Game Costume

Claw Arcade Game Costume

For this Claw Arcade game costume, I put myself inside the game as one of the “stuffed animals.” I built the arcade box with foam core, using clear plastic film to reproduce the glass (the front one didn’t close completely so I could talk/breathe comfortably without claustrophobia setting in). At the bottom of the inside … Read more