Pinocchio from Shrek Costume

Hi my name is Elena and this is my son Juan Manuel. I decided to make his costume Pinocchio because I think he looks a lot like him and would suit him well. I dressed him up along with his brothers who where Gingy Cookie and a Baby Shrek.

His costume was made with mostly felt material hot glued together. It was done in a couple of days. I had to rush to finish it for a Halloween event that was going to take place on the 12th of October. I am very proud of the way he looked. He won a costume contest held at school for his grade. He is in second grade. I expect him to win many more.

I will not be buying anymore store bought costumes. This site is a great encouragement to add a boost to a persons creativity. I wish everyone good luck. Remember the important thing behind it being home made are the memories it created along the way.

Pinocchio from Shrek Costume

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