My friends and I are not the type to go buy a pre-made Halloween costume. We like to be creative, original and more importantly, we like to dress up as a group. So the Homemade Peanuts Cartoon Costumes were a perfect choice.

We worked on our costumes for 6 consecutive days. The paper mache heads are the most difficult and time consuming part, definitely not for the lazy, but it’s very inexpensive to make. The clothing can all be purchased for less than $20 a person.

Making the Heads

Our base for the the Peanuts cartoon costumes was a 99 cent store beach ball. This has a rounder and more firm shape than a balloon. All the newspaper we used was free. My dad supplied most of it, but we also used free publications, like the LA Weekly, which we grabbed by the stack at several 7 Eleven.

The glue I mixed in my kitchen, super simple to make. Just add white flour to boiling water, and mix some salt in it, and voila. This can be refrigerated, but it works better if it’s warm when you work on your paper mache.

We did 2 layers of paper mache. When they were dry enough we popped the beach ball, and cut a hole for our heads with scissors. We primed and painted our heads with regular wall paint we bought at Wal-Mart. This was super inexpensive.

Since our heads were pretty big we decided we were going to see through the mouth. We hot glued sheer black fabric to cover the mouth opening from the inside. The eyes and nose were painted on.

For Charlie, Linus, and Pig Pen’s hair we used pipe cleaners purchased at the Dollar Tree. For Lucy, Sally, Marcie, and Peppermint Patty’s hair we used felt and pipe cleaners hot glued to the back for structure support. I used a hanger under the felt to give Sally’s hair the two spikes.

Peanuts Cartoon Costumes – Clothes

* Fallas Paredes (chain store in LA area)

Charlie – Yellow Collared T $3, zig zag hand painted with acrylic paint, black pants $8 (these were turned to shorts) Both where purchased at Fallas Paredes

Lucy – Blue hand-made dress. Fabric purchased at LA’s fabric district 2 yards for $4. Stripes on chest were hand drawn with a Sharpie. Oxford sneakers by Vans already owned.

Linus – Red collared shirt $4 at Fallas Paredes. Stripes were painted with acrylic paint.

Sally – Pink hand-made dress. Fabric purchased at LA’s fabric district 2 yards for $4. White shoes $14 at Wal-Mart. Polka dots hand drawn with a Sharpie. We used a quarter to outline the dots first.

Pig Pen -Grey shirt and pants $5 each at Fallas Paredes. # signs drawn with Sharpies, we used barbecue charcoal to dirty the mask and clothes.

Marcie – Orange shirt $6 at Fallas Paredes.

Peppermint Patty – Green T $4 at Fallas Paredes. Black Pants $7 (these were turned to shorts) Stripes and collar on shirt hand painted with acrylic paint.

These Homemade Peanuts cartoon Costumes were a lot of hard work but we pulled it off. We went to the West Hollywood Costume parade and we were a hit! We were even interviewed by channel 10 news!

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