Me (as Orihime) and a friend attended a local convention as these characters from the anime Bleach. For Orhime’s arrancar outfit, I found a white dress on sale and sewed trim along the bottom and around in a circle shape in the front to form the opening without cutting the dress. Next, I found a white jacket and added the trim.

My boots were black and I took some white ribbon and put glue dots on my boots to make the illusion of arrancar shoes.

For my friend (Ulquiorra). He cut out a lab coat around the waist to form the opening in his jacket and lined it with black trim. I made his hallow mask out of model magic. The first step was to form a base on my friend’s head and let that dry (72 hours) from there, I built a skeleton out of chicken wire for support using super glue and duct tape to hold it in place. Next, I added another layer of model magic which I painted with Modge Podge and acrylic paint after it had dried. The final step was to super glue and duct tape a headband on the inside so it stays put.